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Prolux Sabiana fan coils have many advantages in all kinds of air-conditioning applications.   These include low-noise operation, optimum air distribution temperatures, rapid achievement of the desired temperature and visually harmonious integration into the architectural environment. Since the only transmission fluid used is water, there is no danger of uncontrolled discharge of coolant into the environment, especially in cooling mode using a water chiller. In addition, Prolux fan coils have fast, sensitive responses, facilitating the continuous maintenance of an optimal room climate.

With its exceptionally versatile fan coil range, including wall and cabinet units, recessed ceiling and duct devices, Prolux has a complete range of products to cover virtually all requirements in the commercial and private sectors.



Variations from the Prolux range


SkyStar SK SABIANA ceiling unit

Highly flexible regulation and control, easy maintenance.

  • Available with two or four pipes
  • Equipped with two- or three-way valve
  • Available with asynchronous or ECM motor
  • Equipped with Crystall electronic Air Filter


Carisma Coanda CCN SABIANA ceiling unit

Enhanced air circulation with Coanda effect thanks to specially designed air outlets.

  • Available with two or four pipes
  • Equipped with two- or three-way valve
  • Available with asynchronous or ECM motor

Carisma CRC and CRT SABIANA floor units

A complete range to meet the requirements for workplace air conditioning. Available in four different versions.

  • Wall or ceiling installation
  • Blower with extremely low power consumption
  • Available with or without housing for installation
  • CRC and CRC-ECM can be fitted with Crystall electronic Air Filter


Carisma CRS SABIANA duct unit

Maestro MTO SABIANA duct unit

Designed for flush mounting. Suitable for air conditioning of small to medium-sized commercial areas and public buildings.

  • Compact
  • Extremely quiet
  • CRS – External air resistance up to 80 Pa
  • MTO – External air resistance up to 350 Pa

Carisma Fly CVP SABIANA wall units

Fan Coils for wall mounting, available in a wide range of versions.

  • Clean, modern design
  • Available with asynchronous or ECM motor
  • Extensive accessories and extras



Guaranteed indoor air quality


Committed to sustainability!


On September 1st 2015, Swiss legislation (ChemRRV ) introduced limits ​​for the quantity of refrigerant permitted in each refrigeration plant. These are aimed at reducing emissions of fluorochlorohydrocarbons (CFCs) and partially halogenated fluorocholesterols (HCFCs).

During the 1970s and 1980s, CFCs released into the atmosphere were found to be responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer. CFC molecules react with ozone destroying it. As a result, hard UV radiation reaches the Earth’s surface unchecked and can damage plants, animals and humans. In addition, most conventional refrigerants are environmentally hazardous, toxic, asphyxiant and odourless, often requiring the use of gas detectors to guard against the danger of suffocation. They are also often flammable and some are explosive.

For this reason, SABIANA fan coils have been developed using the natural refrigerant medium water, giving the following advantages:

  • Reduction of the amount of refrigerant to an acceptable level
  • Water as a natural refrigerant transfer medium
  • Greater planning flexibility:  pressure losses in small refrigerant pipes are eliminated

Reduction of the amount of refrigerant to an acceptable level

By using water as a heat transfer medium, refrigerant is kept out of sensitive building areas, such as offices, hotel rooms, etc. It is used only centrally in the cycle of the chosen chiller or reversible heat pump.

Water as a natural refrigerant medium

The main advantage of water over conventional refrigerants is that it is non-toxic and non-flammable. Nor is it explosive, like the new R32 refrigerant (difluoromethane). This makes it safe to use everywhere. Furthermore, water does not escape from the system as easily as a pressurized refrigerant, which simplifies and cuts the cost of assembly, since even simple screw connectors are sufficient. Above all, water is cheap and available in large quantities, so the system can be topped up at any time.

If the system is extended at a later date – for example to serve another building complex – it is simple to connect more fan coils to the existing chilled water network. With conventional systems, on the other hand, the whole system including the pipes may have to be replaced because it no longer complies with current regulations and guidelines.

Greater planning flexibility:  pressure losses in small refrigerant pipes are eliminated

In the case of larger installations, refrigeration system planners and builders face the challenge of ensuring sufficient throughput and thus sufficient cooling capacity across long piping runs. For these kinds of installation, a chiller with fan coils is the solution.


You can depend on Prolux. We give you fast and effective support from the creation of drawings and plans and making your offer, to detailed coordination and delivery and – if you wish – also during commissioning.

Peter Kleinstein
Product Sales Manager Ceiling Heating and Cooling Systems
T +41 71 447 47 32

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