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Five systems to cover every need


Maximum heating comfort and well-being – Prolux has five different X-NET systems for optimal surface temperature control and underfloor heating. Simply choose the right system for your needs and get the benefits of X-NET systems for your home – evenly distributed radiant heat, perfect floor warmth, as well as healthy and hygienic comfort levels and energy-saving options. Thanks to its even distribution of room heat, there are also fewer temperature differences and condensation in cold spots can be eliminated.


Good power output and easy installation

Toothed mounting rails are the special feature of this conventional underfloor heating system. They are fixed to a tough polymer backing foil. The grid printed on the fabric helps to keep the correct spacing between the heating elements.

Available in 2 variants: with toothed rails or flat anchor rails

Practical advantages

  • Variety of insulation thicknesses with acoustic damping
  • Fast and safe installation using film-wrapped roll formats
  • Suitable for cement or plaster floors
  • Heat output precisely adjustable to the calculated heat requirement of each room using XNET composite piping  16 x 2

Toothed mounting rail


Flat anchor rail



Fast heating – rapid response times


Heat-conducting steel or aluminum sheets on a rigid bed of polystyrene foam deliver higher power output and enhanced load-bearing capacity. Three cross-pipe channels in the header area feed two heating circuits without the need for additional channels. If required they can be trimmed to the exact size using hot cutters. The heat conduction plates are trimmed by simply breaking them off at the pre-set snap-off points – no tools are required.

Practical advantages

  • For universal use in refurbishments but also in finished interiors
  • Low build thickness
  • Low static weight
  • Easy to customize
  • Certified heat output


Easy installation on any floor type

Lightweight, large-format panels suitable for all floor substructures. They are easily cut with a utility knife and then fixed using durable tape. The composite tubing is securely fastened to the panels using the exclusive X-NET spring-loaded Clip Former technology, avoiding damage to the panel and the separating layer.


Low build height and very lightweight

The secret of the thin-film system is a low-profile fixing element. The composite pipe can thus be easily laid in any desired direction, without additional fasteners. The fixing elements have a self-adhesive layer on the back and are designed so that the self-levelling compound bonds permanently to the substrate. This allows the system to be applied directly to a wide variety of existing floor types.

Available in 2 different versions: X-NET PE-Xc pipe 10 x 1.3 and X-NET PE-Xc pipe 12 x 1.4


The ecological installation system


A versatile single-panel system using a wood-fibre substrate for better acoustic damping. Aluminium plates improve heat distribution and additional channels can be cut in the substrate using a router. The heat conduction plates are trimmed by simply breaking them off at the pre-set snap-off points – no tools are required


Ideal accompaniments for your X-NET underfloor heating system


In addition to its successful product portfolio, the Prolux underfloor range features a wide variety of accessories. From system pipes, fittings, distribution boxes, insulating materials, tools or heat controllers – we have the right accessories for your X-NET underfloor heating system. In addition to materials and special installation tools, we are close to our customers as service providers and project support.

Rolls of insulation material






Distribution Box


Heat meters sets


Web-ready control systems






Downloads for X-NET underfloor heating



Software Solutions


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