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Comfortable, flexible, light


Delivering uniform temperature distribution and therefore maximum comfort, these aluminum profiles are an innovation on the Swiss market. Natural radiant heating creates a highly comfortable indoor climate for manufacturing spaces and warehouses, offices, restaurants and many other locations. In addition, Prolux radiant ceiling profiles find favour with architects, planners, installers and end users with their easy installation and attractive, award-winning design qualities.


Ten facts, ten benefits

  1. Heating and cooling elements in three different sizes
  2. Suitable for ceiling heights up to 20m
  3. 360 degrees radiant heat emission
  4. Free choice of power source
  5. Rapid heating and cooling response times
  6. High heat output to EN14037 standard
  7. No additional electricity operational costs
  8. Module length: up to 12m
  9. Radiant heat fraction up to 60%
  10. Up to 30% installation savings



Variations from the Prolux range


DESA Model

The cost-effective version, with high efficiency. Available in 3 different sizes with a range of nominal heating and cooling capacities.

DESB Model

The designer version with integrated suspension option. Available in 3 different sizes with a range of nominal heating and cooling capacities.



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Energy efficiency and comfort


The same radiant principle as the Sun

Radiant ceiling profiles heat and cool using the principle of natural thermal radiation – with a radiant fraction of up to 60 percent. The result feels especially pleasant and comfortable.

  • Uniform heating at every point in the room
  • No drafts
  • No dust currents
  • Maximum comfort


Even more benefits for installers and users

Easy installation

Retrofitting conventional radiant profiles in manufacturing spaces can often be done only with great effort. Prolux profiles, with module lengths of up to 12 metres, are highly flexible. They can be fitted even without interrupting production, with installation savings of up to 30 percent. The result: substantial time and cost benefits for the customer.

The load-bearing characteristics of older buildings may not permit the fitting of ceiling profiles. Prolux aluminum profiles only weigh about a third of conventional products, thus opening up a wide range of possible uses.

Model DESB features an integrated suspension device. Additional components, such as lighting units, can easily be attached to the modules later.


Radiant ceiling profiles from Prolux. Heating and cooling made easy.



Customer references


«Only by meeting face-to-face can you get a feeling for the true needs of the customer. That’s why I prefer to come to your place.”

Silvan Küng, Prolux Regional Sales Manager


You can depend on Prolux. We give you fast and effective support from the creation of drawings and plans and making your offer, to detailed coordination and delivery and – if you wish – also during commissioning.

Peter Kleinstein
Product Sales Manager Ceiling Heating and Cooling Systems
T +41 71 447 47 32

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