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Avero F Room Ventilation



The advantages of decentralized single-room ventilation units are their high flexibility, energy sustainability and cost efficiency. With single room ventilation units, you can choose how many rooms to ventilate. You can ventilate just the bedroom or the entire apartment. A ventilation solution without complicated ducts is ideal for existing buildings, as well as new builds and can be used in practically all building types.

  • Lower investment costs than conventional central ventilation
  • Optimal operating costs
  • Minimal structural disturbance
  • Excellent for refurbishing projects



Avero F is extremely versatile. It may be used as a single-room ventilation unit, as well as a multi-room ventilation system complying with MINERGIE standards. Prolux has references in all areas of application, in particular to MINERGIE standards and the standard for sustainable construction (SNSB). Avero F is also compatible with the SIA Energy Efficiency Path, which is why the ventilation system is also suitable for construction projects following the 2000-Watt Society guidelines.



The flexible alternative for comfort ventilation. Careful consultation allows the installation context to be clearly defined. The aim is to achieve harmonious integration with wall and window design,  as well as a perfectly functional installation.


Vertical installation in window recess


Horizontal installation in lintel


Horizontal installation in window sill




Heat exchangers


  • Aluminum crossflow heat exchanger
  • Heat recovery (ηWRG max.) – 62%




  • F7 air filter (fine dust filter)
  • G3 exhaust filter (coarse filter)




  • Check insect screens every 6 months
  • Check the airways and the heat exchanger every 12 months
  • The filters should be replaced when the LED indicator light comes on (however, we recommend that the filters be replaces at least every 12 months)
  • Important:  filters should never be cleaned- only replaced.


Maintenance may be carried out by:

  • Prolux
  • The building supervisor
  • The house owner
  • For rental properties, a maintenance programme should be drawn up ensuring service by Prolux or a building supervisor





Manual controls


  • 2- position membrane switch on the unit
  • 2- position membrane switch on 2.5m long cable for external mounting

external switch


Automatic controls


  • CO2 sensor
  • CO2 and VOC sensor
  • Humidity protection guide
  • Possible integration into a smart home system, via external controls


Technical specifications


Avero F performance data


  • Sound reduction Rw 59 dB
  • Sound reduction DN, E, W 53 dB
  • Noise level LWA at 30 m3/h 31.7 dB (A)
  • Power consumption at 30 m³/h 10 W
  • Air volume 10 -70 m/³h
  • Heat transfer coefficient 2) 0.55 W/m2/K
  • Heat recovery rate ηWRG max. 62%
  • Overall length 1100 – 3000 mm
  • Overall length with asymmetry 1150 – 3000 mm
  • Installation depth 380 – 500 mm
  • Operating temperature range -15° to 40°C


2) calculated according to DIN ISO 6946


Standardized performance data

  • Airflow 30 m³/h
  • Asymmetric airflow 30/15 m³/h
  •   Noise LWA with asymmetric airflow control 26.9 dB (A)
  • Noise LWA with additional panel 28.1dB (A)
  • Noise LWA with asymmetric airflow control and additional cladding 26.1dB (A)


You can depend on Prolux. We give you fast and effective support from the creation of drawings and plans and making your offer, to detailed coordination and delivery and – if you wish – also during commissioning.

Christian Gross
Technical Advisor, Living room ventilation
T +41 71 447 47 31

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